Video Sharing

More than just embeds. Video sharing built for business.

Video sharing screenshots

Share by email

Invite viewers into your private Eyedea Worx environment by email.

Share by link

Share a link with people and give them access to your videos.

Control access

Allow viewers to download and share your content. Even let them upload content back to you.


Add video to your website, wiki, or blog with a simple copy & paste.

Email campaign

Embed video into your email campaigns and track exactly who's watching.

Tracking & Analytics

Simply the best video analytics.

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Viewer Engagement

Discover what interests your audience and what leaves them confused.

Video Heatmaps

Eyedea Worx video heatmaps give you a visual spectrum of how each individual watches your video.
See an interactive demo.

Audit Trails

Eyedea Worx provides a complete history of every user's actions within your account.

Email alerts

Receive realtime notifications of activity within your account.

Media Management

Powerful tools for working with your content.

Video management screenshots

Universal search

Instantly jump to any media, project, or contact.

Batch uploading

Queue-up multiple uploads with Eyedea Worx seamless web uploader.


Manage your content library with Eyedea Worx powerful project-based system. Arrange media with drag & drop simplicity.

Upload anything

You need to share more than just your videos. You need everything that goes along with them—PowerPoints, Word documents, PDFs, and images.
Upload anything.

Contact Management

Work with 10 people or 10,000. No problem.

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All of your users can work independently within your company's account, each with their own set of media, contacts, and statistics. Think of it like email—each user has their own inbox.

Contact groups

Groups are a powerful way to organize your contacts and manage sharing and permissions. Groups make it easy to create role-based access control.

Track individuals

When you invite viewers to your Eyedea Worx account, you can track their individual activity. Get emails alerts when Bob downloads your whitepaper. Verify that Sally completed her video training.

And even more

Video SEO

Video SEO

Easily create video sitemaps and have your videos listed in Google's search results.
Learn more about Video SEO.
Video Playlists

Video playlists

Embed customized, dynamic video playlists on your website or blog. You haven't seen playlists like this before!
Experience Eyedea Worx playlists.
Your Branding

Your branding

Customize your account to include your logo. Above every video, document, and image, your brand frames your viewer's experience.

Custom domain

Customize the domain for your hosting account (e.g.

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