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How They Work


Ready Set Go.

Start by submitting your card artwork. At that point, one of our team members will sign you up for an account. Within your account, you will choose and upload your digital media files for your users to download. Your digital media can be anything from music and videos to photos, documents and apps! This password-protected log in dashboard will be where you monitor and control all of your download card projects.

Start Printing.

After you've submitted all of the art files for your order of Download Cards, that's when we get busy. After proof approval, your artwork is then printed using the same equipment used to manufacture gift cards and credit cards. Each custom download card is printed with a unique redemption code on the back of the card that is good for all of the music, videos and photos that you upload to your dashboard!

Start Distributing.

Once the user arrives at the website URL specified on your card (which can either be an Eyedea Worx hosted site or linked to your own website), the redemption process is simple and user-friendly. Each user will be presented with a field to enter the access code found on the back of their card. Once this code is entered the user presses 'Submit', and your media file downloads are unlocked!

Keeping In Touch.

If you'd like, after the user enters their access code, you can set your options within your dashboard to prompt them to enter their email address so you can keep in touch. E-Mail collection is not mandatory. You can make it optional for your users as well or remove the email collection service all together. Please note that users will never have to sign up for an account, and all information is kept strictly confidential. We will never sell or use any of the information that is provided. The captured data goes directly into your account dashboard, just for you.

My Media.

The user is presented with a list of all of the available media for download. Before downloading, they can preview 30-second clips of the media files. The lightweight platform allows users to download content files in the same familiar way that they would any other file from the internet. Files can be downloaded individually or by selecting the "Download" button next to each item, or all files can be downloaded in one full group download. Songs and music files can be easily imported into any digital music player or desktop software, such as iTunes.

Download Complete.

After files have been downloaded, the user can listen to or view that media. For any files that have already been downloaded, the user will see that the "Download" button is no longer available when they return to the download portal. For your peace of mind, the media files that are already downloaded aren't available for a second download. If more downloads are to be completed, the user will be able to access those available files.

Along with your custom Download Cards, we also provide you with the tools to create the website where you cards will be redeemed. You have a choice of using a customizable and dedicated website that we host, or you can embed our download manager right on your own website. This is where you can store all of your music, photos and videos. We offer 500mb of free hosting, for all orders. Upload your files in any format that you like, including MP3, FLAC, WAV, and more!

Make your Download Cards work for you by using your user control dashboard. This interactive area allows you to control and monitor all of your download card media files. This dashboard allows you to manage your media files that are available to your users. You are also able to view all of your cards redemption statistics in real-time, and see other unique data, such as your users' locations throughout the country based on their IP address and collected email addresses. All of this is displayed and exported in detailed line graphs, gauges and Google Maps that really help you to see the big picture.


Download Pricing Guide (PDF)

Our complete pricing guide is available for download. Adobe Acrobat Reader required. Click Here


For your convenience, Eyedea Worx has locations in the following states:

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