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Welcome to Eyedea Worx Download Cards

We provide industry leading music, film, media, technology, and consumer brand companies with creative music download card programs, code-redemption websites and interactive printed product. We hope that you find our web-page both interesting and informative. Please let us know if there's anything that we can help you with.

Promote Your Music In Style

One of the best ways to promote your music is by using Eyedea Worx download cards as your marketing solution. Give fans something they want: digital access to your music. Hand them out at shows and street events or give them away in fun promotions.

Something For Everyone

Eyedea Worx low-cost, high-value download cards appeal to a vast range of artists and companies. Affordable to manufacture and distribute and infinitely customizable, our download cards have become popular with everyone from today's hottest artists and household name consumer brands to well-known indie acts and musicians just starting out. We truly have something for everyone.

Download Cards: How they work

We design and print assorted, custom plastic or cardboard cards (almost like a business card) that include your album artwork on the front and back with your unique code. You sell or distribute your Download to your fans or to the general public. When ready to download, the card holder then visits either www.eyedeaworx.com/dropcards.html or your website (Ask an Eyedea Worx Representative for the Code), where they enter the card's unique redemption code to download your album, video or other promotional material that is featured on the card. The data will automatically start downloading. Each card is valid for one complete data download

Please download our PDF Pricing Guide below for an easy reference to our Download Card Service.

If you would like any further assistance or additional information regarding our Pricing Guide, please call 800.973.9383 or email info@eyedeaworx.com

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Download Pricing Guide (PDF)

Our complete pricing guide is available for download. Adobe Acrobat Reader required. Click Here


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