Your content's security is critical. Keep it safe with Eyedea Worx.

Robust Hosting

  • Geographically redundant application hosting and storage
  • Daily offsite backups of all media, user data, and audit trails
  • Comprehensive catastrophe planning to ensure 24/7 reliability

Application Security

  • SSL encrypted credentials
  • Role-based security model
  • Content protected via authenticated URLs
  • Complete audit trail of all user activity including IPs

Secure Facility

  • SAS 70 Type II certified
  • Biometric hand-geometry scanners
  • Proximity card key access
  • High resolution video surveillence
  • 90-day footage archiving

Eyedea Worx vs. FTP Server

Eyedea Worx architecture is designed to solve many of the inherent security issues of FTP servers. If you've been inviting people to your FTP server by placing their credentials in an email, you have been exposing your credentials to packet sniffer programs, which are designed to watch network traffic for such valuable, plain-text information. Additionally, every time any user logs in to your FTP server they're likely giving intruders access to your login and password, as FTP also does not encrypt login credentials. Worst of all, you may not even know when your system is compromised as the intruder now has the information to login and assume the identity of an authorized user.

With Eyedea Worx, every user in your account sets their own login and password information, rather than exposing sensitive information via email. Eyedea Worx login process is protected via SSL, which encrypts user credentials before they are sent over the open internet thereby preventing intruders from gaining access to your private data.

What do you do when users start looking at files on your FTP server which were meant for a different customer or partner? With Eyedea Worx, users will only have access to the media that you have designated to be explicitly shared with them giving you much more control. Eyedea Worx also gives you the ability to track exactly what your users are doing and to monitor what content they access.

Work with confidence. Eyedea Worx has you covered.


Download Pricing Guide (PDF)

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  • New York
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