Add video to your website

Track viewers in realtime with Eyedea Worx advanced video analytics. Improve video effectiveness and increase conversions.

Supercharge your email campaigns

Increase click-through and conversion rates by showcasing more engaging content.
Instantly qualify prospects using Video Heatmaps.

Get the most out of your webinars

Leverage recorded webinars by making them available on demand. On-demand webinars are the new whitepaper.

What is a Video Heatmap?

Video Heatmaps allow you to see second-by-second what each individual viewer watches.
See an interactive demo.

Can I get audience statistics?

Yes. Eyedea Worx aggregates all individual statistics together to show you how your video is performing for your entire audience.

Is Eyedea Worx video tracking real-time?

Yes. Eyedea Worx tracks all video in real-time allowing you to even see a viewer's progress as they watch.

Can I get video playlists?

Yes, our Slimlist allows you to put a playlist on your site and manage its content via Eyedea Worx. It's a great way to integrate video into your website.
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  • Video Heatmaps
  • Engagement Analytics
  • iPhone & iPad Support
  • HD Support

Download Pricing Guide (PDF)

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