Featured Customers

Video is a key component to casting a Cirque du Soleil production. Casting directors review clips submitted by performers from all over the world.

Cushman & Wakefield uses video to train their appraisers in the use of internal software tools and systems.

Kiva Systems sells warehouse fulfillment solutions with video. Telling the world about Kiva's material handling robots is easy because they are tailor-made for video — colorful, dynamic and fun to watch.

On-line home energy efficiency information source and retailer EnergyCircle uses video for product demonstrations, installation instructions, and homeowner advice.

Sonus Networks brings classroom training directly to their customers with video.

Nestlé HealthCare Nutrition, Inc., provides company-specific Ethics and Compliance training to their employees with customized training modules.

Tribal DDB manages the creative review and approval process with their clients.

Bosley, the world’s leader in surgical hair restoration, uses Eydea Worx to provide specialized training for its Counselors in service and product offerings designed to help patients meet their hair restoration goals.

GI Dynamics manages clinical trials from around the world on their ground-breaking implantable device for the treatment of diabetes. Each endoscopic procedure is captured on video and shared among their international team of physicians and scientific advisors.

The Texas Tech University Health Sciences Center communications department uses Eydea Worx as a content management system to efficiently complete video related projects by previewing and sharing assets in production among their eight campuses.

animal is a creative services studio who uses Eydea Worx to collaborate on digital media projects and deliver measurable video experiences.


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