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Item # SO-PDDWO23


Product Description

"Professional Disc for DATA achieve unparalleled 23.3GB storage capacity per side together with 11MB/second read and 9MB/second write speeds. Professional Disc for DATA media has been tested by Sony to provide at least one million read cycles.Professional Disc for DATA uses a short 405nm blue-violet laser. Furthermore, the lens NA (numerical aperture) is raised to NA 0.85 for considerably higher convergence. This combination of blue-violet laser and NA 0.85 lens creates a beam spot only one fifth the area of a DVD beam spot, so much more data can be packed into a smaller space. A narrow track pitch lets more data be recorded within the same disc area. Sony's advanced stamper technology creates a track pitch of only 0.32?m.The result is outstanding read/write stability with a tilt margin on a par with the DVD format, while using a beam spot only one-fifth as large. It is constructed to not only seal out dust but also prevent damage of all kinds. The cartridge is made of tough, heat-resistant polycarbonate with anti-static polymer for the lower shell and rotary shutter to enhance dust resistance.Sony test results show an estimated lifespan of 50 years or more for data stored on the Professional Disc for DATA at room temperature."


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