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Item # PN-AJD5C33M


Product Description

"Broadcasters and production professionals who work with uncompressed digital recording formats expect the highest levels of performance from their recording media. And with Fujifilm D5001 1/2-inch digital metal videocassettes, that's exactly what they get - uncompromising audio and video quality. New Fujifilm D5001 videocassettes are designed to get the best out of today's 10-bit digital component recording systems. Thanks to newly developed ultra-fine, high-output metal magnetic particles and superior Fujifilm calendering technology, the surface of the tape is mirror-smooth. So head contact is excellent, withMINimal noise and low error rates. The result is a high C/N ratio, particularly in the short wavelength range that is essential for high-density digital recording. Fujifilm D5001 videotape uses a new high-adhesion binder material to assure outstanding reliability andMINimal head clogging - even during extended still and high-speed shuttle operation. A new backcoating material contributes to stable tape transport by keeping the friction coefficient low under the most demanding operating conditions.High-rigidity cassette shells are precision-crafted to protect tape under adverse operating conditions. Tape transport remains stable because the tape is protected from deformation and damage. Likewise, the error rate remains low because dust and dirt cannot enter the shell. Cassettes are also equipped with two sliding plugs, which can be used to individually protect the control and video signals against erasure. This tape has 124MIN of recording."


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