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Item # MS-CDR80GIP


Product Description

"Thanks to Mitsui's patented organic Phthalocyanine dye, the most technically advanced dye in the world and to the Gold reflective layer, MAM Gold CD-R gives an optimum recording quality and an unequaled precision. These characteristics make MAM Gold the ideal professional CD-R for mastering and professional archiving. Unlike CD-Rs containing Cyanine, which lose their characteristics more quickly from exposure to light and heat, MAM Gold CD-Rs ensure stability, exceptional longevity and durability as well as added protection from the reinforced Diamond Coat protection layer, which resists scratching and fingerprints. Accelerated aging tests show that MAM Gold can be used as a reliable storage media for more than 300 years. All of the main components in the MAM Gold CD-R are very stable in the environment; plastic (polycarbonate), Phthalocyanine dye and gold (it NEVER oxidizes). Unlike a pressed CD-ROM, normal CD-R processing leaves the most vital area the most vulnerable. Just below that lacquer surface & reflective layer on top of your disc is the precious dye layer, which is what stores all your data. Scratch the top, and you ve got a problem. Mitsui/MAM-A Diamond Coat is an extra hard surface that keeps the data safe. Every disc Mitsui/MAM-A makes is made to the center of the Orange Book standard. They don t cut any corners with shorter stacking rings (causes static), thinner reflective layers (poor playback on old readers, or dye)."


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