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Product Description

"The MAM Digital Audio CD-Rs are write-once, audio-only discs designed specifically for use in home audio systems. Consumers can create and archive custom CDs, up to 80 minutes of their favorite professional originals, that will be fully compatible with the worldwide installed base of 600 million CD players. MAM Digital Audio CD-R for Consumers are manufactured with our patented Phthalocyanine dye (the best organic dye available), providing the long life you are guaranteed from MAM, while also delivering a level of warmth in sound reproduction that is second to none. The MAM Digital Audio CD-R is compatible with Serial Copy Management System (SCMS). Mitsui/MAM-A discs feature their own Diamond Coat surface, which resists scratching and fingerprints. Unlike a pressed CD-ROM, normal CD-R processing leaves the most vital area the most vulnerable. Just below that lacquer surface & reflective layer on top of your disc is the precious dye layer, which is what stores all your data. Scratch the top, and you ve got a problem. Mitsui/MAM-A Diamond Coat is an extra hard surface that keeps the data safe. Every disc Mitsui/MAM-A makes is made to the center of the Orange Book standard. They don't cut any corners with shorter stacking rings (causes static), thinner reflective layers (poor playback on old readers, or dye (100-300 year life vs. 10-30)"


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