microSD Duplicator microSD200PC

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Product Description

Nexcopy introduces the all new microSD duplicator flash card copier, the microSD200PC. The microSD Duplicator is specifically designed for the microSD form factor and does not require SD adapter cards. With the microSD duplicator being specifically designed for the microSD flash media, production time increase by over 30% because the user is no longer swapping microSD media out of SD card adapters. This system provides the most stable and reliable platform for small media or microSD duplication. The microSD Duplicator is available in 20, 40 and 60 target systems. With user friendly software interface and powerful copy features, you can copy to 20 blank microSD flash memory cards, simply and automatically. No copy-n-paste. No adapter card loading. No hassles. The unit is a PC Based microSD Duplicator capable of copying at maximum data transfer speeds. Learn more about the core microSD200PC microSD Duplicator system. The microSD Duplicator is also available in 40 and 60 target systems.


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