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Item # MA-DVP66L


Product Description

"The Maxell DVP-66L DVCPRO Video Cassette (Large) is a 6.35mm wide metal particle, compact digital video cassette, with 66MIN of recording time, that is used for news gathering and ENG/EFP shooting environments. The tape uses a 0.1æm Ceramic Armor metal particle coating to achieve higher magnetic energy. The tape also utilizes a new calendering technology that optimizes tape surface smoothness. This process delivers improved short wavelength output and decreased noise, creating a broadcast quality tape that meets the high demands of DVCPRO, such as its 4.4æm/bit recording density. There are uniformly dispersed fillers in the tape formulation whichMINimize head abrasion by reducing friction between the head and tape during high speed head rotations, cleaning debris from the head. The binder ensures long-term durability even in extreme ENG/EFP environments and in demanding editing and playback modes such as still-frame and shuttle. The large shell window design allows for a clear view of remaining tape and winding conditions. To ensure a low error rate, the videocassette shell and cover feature a static-resistant resin that prevents the attraction of dust and foreign particles that may cause dropouts."


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