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Item # MA-B184SXL


Product Description

"The Maxell B-184SX Betacam SX Video Cassette (Small) is a 1/2" video tape made for ENG and production systems. It achieves 4:2:2 component digital recording, and backward compatibility with Betacam/Betacam SP. It also provides high interface ability with non-linear editing systems and video servers. It uses fine Ceramic Armor Metal Magnetic particles and high performance binder systems to achieve high reliability and durability under extreme tape running modes during editing. The tape has superior anti-heat resistance and antioxidation characteristics thatMINimize tape shrinkage and increase storage stability. The tape has a cassette shell originally developed for Digital Betacam to optimize smooth tape travel. Supplied in a plastic album case. This cassette has 184MIN of recording time."


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