FUJI BETACAM SP M321SP 10MIN #24035010 - BCT10M

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Item # FJ-BCT10M


Product Description

"The Fujifilm M321SP Betacam SP Video Cassette (Small) uses superior Fujifilm metal tape technology and Super-Fine Metallix metal magnetic particles, which team up to ensure that you get superb video and audio quality for recording, editing, and playback. The video cassette is designed to meet the high standards of quality and durability that editors and postproduction studios demand. Still playback capability of up to 180MIN is offered, and decreases in RF output areMINimal even after repeated search, pause and jog shuttle operations. The metal magnetic particle formulation and dispersion technologies assure excellent high-frequency signal response. The double-orientation technology plays an important role in attaining maximum Betacam SP system performance. Tape is supplied in a plastic album case. "


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