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When it finally came time to put my independent movie onto DVD, I wanted to avoid high-pressure sales teams and complicated ordering labyrinths that are often found with many online companies. I needed straightforward, hands-on assistance with the replicating process. Eyedea Worx delivered above and beyond on all levels. My sales contact answered every question along the way and helped finesse my unique DVD packaging requests to perfection. This attention to detail and gracious attitude puts them in a different league altogether. Many, many thanks. ”
Jeff Palmer
On the Fringe

Streaming Video and Content Delivery Solutions


Eyedea Worx provides the industry’s most secure and scalable Content Delivery Solution, enabling customers to efficiently publish, deliver, and manage digital assets – from rich media content for training and communications to software patches and virus updates – to anyone, anywhere, at any time. Eyedea Worx Content Delivery Solution overcomes network and connectivity constraints that have limited the ability to reach online audiences with the highest quality, secure rich media.

The Eyedea Worx Content Delivery Solution is a suite of software products and networking technology that enables users to manage the entire lifecycle of content publishing and distribution. The Ignite solution provides enterprises with the tools they need to publish, protect, target, deliver, track and measure any type of digital content – from high definition video and media-rich PDFs to software executables and patches.

Delivery Center – The Eyedea Worx Delivery Center provides you with complete branding control over your distributed content viewing experience. The Delivery Center provides superior full-screen viewing experience across all types of content, devices, and media players and supports online, offline, and on-demand interaction with content.

Delivery Manager – The Eyedea Worx Delivery Solution is built on a single unified publishing, packaging, and delivery platform. The Delivery Manager is a web-based application that supports your workflow and lifecycle of publishing and delivering content. In addition, administration of user and system level roles, security parameters, and delivery options is done through this centralized application.

Delivery Integrator – The Eyedea Worx Delivery Manager is built on open standards and XML-based design features that provide a highly extensible platform for integration with existing enterprise applications and data sources.

Our solution is in use today supporting a variety of business initiatives, including corporate communications, training, customer support, and software delivery. Eyedea Worx solution gives you the ability to reach your target anywhere, anytime, over any network connection–without creating additional load on your existing network.

If you would like any further assistance or additional information regarding our Content Delivery service, please call 800.973.9383 or email info@eyedeaworx.com.


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